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Adult Clinics

Adult Clinics

Whether you’re looking to improve technique, get a killer workout or practice your doubles play, Hampton Racquet has an Adult Clinic specially designed just for you. Be sure to check out our Special Clinic Packages. Save money while you improve your game. 


Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a full body aerobic and calorie burning workout. Our high energy fitness program combines movement with cardiovascular exercise. It’s fun and great for all levels of play. It doubles as a conditioning and training exercise rolled into one. Our program also includes an agility ladder, Cardio Balls and Heart Rate Monitors. Most classes are geared for a range of fitness levels. Play to the beat of the music…requests are welcomed. Free for Members.
Saturday & Sunday 8:30am-10am

Drop-in $50 per
5 Pack  $47.50 per       10 Pack $45 per     



Men’s Doubles Clinic

Our Men’s Doubles Clinics are specially designed to improve on-court positioning, ball placement and doubles strategy. Develop a tactical approach to aggressive percentage doubles play. Clinic includes live ball drills and game play. Bring a friend and share the thrills. Free for Members.



Saturdays & Sundays 11am – 12:30pm
Clinic $65 per
5 Pack $61.75 per     10 Pack $58.50 per   



Morning Clinic

If you have your strokes working for you and want to have them work even better, our Morning Clinics will help you improve strategy and shot selection as well as sharpen your mental attitude and toughness. Morning Clinics are designed for players of all levels who wish to hone their competitive edge and to also meet others who love the sport as much as you.Free 5 pack for Members.


Monday-Friday  9am-10:30am & 10:30am-12:00pm
Call us at 631-324-0297 for scheduling
Clinic $65
5 Pack $61.75 per      10 Pack $58.50 per   




Boxing Conditioning Clinic

A full body workout for cardiovascular and endurance systems as well as training for your upper & lower body and core strength. Boxing Conditioning Clinics help improve balance and coordination, strength, flexibility and muscle tone…as well as reduce stress and increase confidence.



Online Registration Required. No Drop-ins
Monday and Thursday  5pm – 6pm

Clinic $60 
5 Pack $57 per      10 Pack $54 per     20 pack $51 per




TRX & Kettle Bell

This Clinic uses Suspension Training and Kettle Bell exercises to develop and increase balance, strength, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.





sign-upOnline Registration Required. No Drop-ins
Friday 1pm-2pm

Clinic $55
5 Pack $52.25per    10 Pack $49.50per   20 pack $46.75per





Twin Hearts Meditation

We offer a guided meditation that opens the heart and the crown chakras, allowing them to become highly activated. This is a simple yet powerful meditation that offers great benefits both beginners and the experienced meditator. Twin Hearts Meditation will help reduce stress & anxiety while providing deep relaxation.




Online Registration Required. No Drop-ins
Monday and Thursday 6pm-7pm

Class $35
5 Pack $33.25per    10 Pack $31.50per     20 Pack $29.75per




Beginners tennis clinicStretching Clinic

This 1/2 hr. clinic helps stretch your body and increase range of motion, blood circulation, and energy levels. Moving your joints through their full range of motion decreases your risk of injury, helps you achieve better flexibility, improves performance during physical activity and enables muscle groups to perform more effectively.


sign-upMonday 4:30pm – 5pm
Clinic $40 per
5 Pack $38 per     10 Pack $36 per      20 pack $34 per