Tennis Fitness

Tennis Fitness
@Hampton Racquet


New this year, we have created a robust Tennis Fitness program to your help improve your body and your game. Whether you to wish to build, rebuild or repair, our Tennis Fitness Classes and Clinics @Hampton Racquet will your improve performance on the court.

If you want to feel better and play better…join us this season!


You don’t have to run from the gym to the physical therapist to the or Pilates studio anymore. Get it all done in 45 minutes with Power15. Unique to Hampton Racquet, Power15 is 3 fifteen minute disciplines in one 45 minute class!


1- Cardiovascular: Enjoy 15 minutes of “un-boring” steady state and integral aerobic training, using a variety of machines and total body movements


2 – Strength: Strength does not mean size! Muscle makes up around 45% of your body, and it wants to work! Perform 15 minutes of strength work, getting a “power punch” from your large muscle groups.


3 – Pilates: You earned it. Stretch your muscles, crush your core, and get that whole body lean and limber with 15 minutes of relaxing but challenging Pilates.


Monday – Thursday
8:00am – 8:45am
8:45am – 9:30am

Pricing TBD