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Outdoor Fitness at Hampton Racquet

We now offer “Outdoor Fitness at Hampton Racquet”. Led by veteran trainer Garth Wakeford, we have a beautifully equipped, artificial turf, outdoor facility that is a perfect environment for our Circuit Based Interval Class keeping Social Responsibility guidelines in place considering today’s COVID-19 situation.

Tuesdays thru Sundays 9am-10am
1hr session $40
5pack $175 ($35/session)
Call Garth to reserve your spot 631-875-6925

My class is a high intensity interval (HIIT) class but don’t let the high intensity part intimidate you. Each exercise in the 10- exercise circuit can be modified for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  The 10 exercises in each class are a combination of unilateral and bi-lateral body weight movements and a combination of cardio, TRX, battle rope, sled push and core work.  I’m a stickler for correct technique to prevent injury and premature fatigue.
Because it’s more of a system metabolic overload than a joint overload, you can recover quickly.  It is great for weight loss, toning and cardiovascular fitness.

The major difference with my class compared to other circuit classes is that the time of each exercise is determined by the person who is on the cardio equipment. The person on the that equipment is given a number or distance to reach and that determines how long the others in the class spend on each particular exercise. Not being in charge of your time teaches you to be more present and takes you out of your comfort zone of a known finish time or number.

 – Garth Wakeford, Head Trainer

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