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John Graham

As the Executive Director of Hampton Racquet, John spearheads the teaching academy which features the Rising Stars and Five Star tennis camps, introducing children to tennis and nurturing their love of sport through their teen years.

Graham’s contagious enthusiasm for sport and good will is pervasive in all his programming and he is particularly inspired to develop Hampton Racquet’s new “Give A Kid A Summer” campaign. Fond memories of sport-filled summers spark his motivation to provide multi-sport prommimg to youth who, due to economic circumstances, might otherwise be left out.

John has been active on the East End developing his multi-sport approach to tennis and camp instruction. He and his sister Monica Graham have teamed up to bring a family love of tennis to all that participate at the club.

As a lifelong tennis player with over 30 years of experience teaching sport and life skills, Graham is a natural leader. He learned the sport on the public courts of New York and played competitive tennis at St. John’s University. Embarking on a professional career in his 20s, he worked with children in various junior programs, fine-tuning his volley and spin at some of the finest clubs and academies across the country.

He has recently developed local fitness programs for children at the East Hampton Learning Center through a pilot program initiated in 2012 and shares his talents with youth at New York’s Central Park Conservancy. Graham’s community building endeavors reach beyond the East End and Manhattan as a volunteer with Wings Over Haiti, spending time building a school with the goal of bringing his programs to children in under developed countries.

TEACHING PHILOSOPHY: “It’s all about boosting a kid’s confidence and instilling the joy of learning and accomplishment. We’re about building life skills that stay with you as an adult.”