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We offer instruction for all ages and skill levels in an enjoyable learning atmosphere.
Hampton Racquet Memberships offer great savings.
$350.00 Individual – $750.00 Family – $300.00 per month

Summer Camp 2022

This is not school, this is summertime!

BUT we also believe in our mission, in our ability to teach kids the nuts and bolts of athletic mechanics…and with kind words of encouragement, a nod and a smile or two will fulfill, in a constructive manner, a child’s unquenchable need for play…and have great fun.


Junior Clinics

Perfect for all Jr. players specially designed for children 5-13, emphasizes stroke mechanics, movement, and healthy competition in a friendly and supportive games-based atmosphere.

Adult Clinics

Adult Clinics will help you improve your strategy and shot selection as well as sharpen your mental attitude and toughness.


Pilates is a full-body workout that strengthens and stretches from the inside out. It is a workout notable for preventing injury in the body. No muscle goes untrained, meaning you’ll see and feel big, balanced results. These are open-level classes and are suitable for all levels led by Ashley Patten.

Outdoor Fitness

Hampton Racquet now offers JULUKA Fitness.

The word JULUKA means sweat in the South African language of Zulu. JULUKA Fitness has been created by veteran trainer Garth Wakeford and is based on his experience as an Army Officer and professional rugby player.


We work hard to offer you the best tennis experience possible. With our 13 Hard-Tru courts maintained to the highest level, the smiling professionalism of all the Hampton Racquet Staff and our classic Hamptons setting, we offer a true Country Club experience…and our court fees are very competitive.

Hampton Racquet now offers Memberships that include great savings.


Enjoy outdoor dining at VCafe

Hampton Racquet’s outdoor dining space is a 
beautiful place to experience the best in Vietnamese Cuisine.

Now serving alcoholic beverages.

Wednesdays 12pm to 9pm
Thursdays to Saturdays 10am to 9pm
Sunday 10am to 3pm

Hampton Racquet

172 Buckskill Rd.
East Hampton, NY

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