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Hampton Racquet now offers JULUKA Fitness.
The word JULUKA means sweat in the South African language of Zulu. At JULUKA Fitness, we know that the same effort, determination, and persistence that makes you sweat and get stronger physically will also help you grow and evolve mentally. JULUKA Fitness has been created by veteran trainer Garth Wakeford and is based on his experience as an Army Officer and professional rugby player. Garth was also the Director of Programming at LA PALESTRA, The Center for Preventative Medicine from 2002 to 2012.
Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
9 am
1hr. class $40 
10 pack $350 (35/session)
$25 Student rate
Personal training is also available

The JULUKA class is a High-Intensity circuit class but don’t let the high-intensity part intimidate you! Each exercise in the circuit can be modified for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels based on skill level or any physical limitations. The exercises are a combination of bodyweight strength exercises, cardio, TRX, battle rope, Kettlebells, sled push, and core work. Correct technique is emphasized to prevent injury and premature fatigue.

JULUKA fitness also offers JULUKA Tennis — a sport-specific class that incorporates tennis fitness drills and core work that will improve your footwork and strengthen tennis-specific muscles. A class for all levels.
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Call Garth with any questions at 631-875-6925


Pilates is a full-body workout that strengthens and stretches from the inside out. It is a workout notable for preventing injury in the body. No muscle goes untrained, meaning you'll see and feel big, balanced results. These are open-level classes and are suitable for all levels.

Our Pilates program is led by Ashley Patten. Ashley started her career in movement as a dancer. From dancing to yoga and other movement practices, Ashley always came back to Pilates as a way to supplement her training and heal injuries. She began to teach Pilates, and after notable teaching and certifications, is excited to be launching her discipline and sharing it with the world. Ashley's classes reflect the authentic principles of Pilates while simultaneously drawing from the vast experience of her movement career. Ashley's extensive experience in pre/postnatal, injuries, and anatomy paired with her knowledge of modern-day biomechanics and functional movement gives her a uniquely intimate and perceptive teaching perspective. 

Tuesday 8:00am-8:55am 
Thursday 11:30am-12:25pm 
On top of it all, Ashley puts the individual needs of the student first. While she is serious about her students' goals, Ashley always approaches each class with warmth and a sense of humor.
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