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Summer Camp -The Growing Season


Summer Camp @ Hampton Racquet is a multi-sport and multi-faceted program for children 4-15. Organized by age and specific focus, our Rising Stars Sports Camp, Shooting Stars & 5 Star Programs have been specifically designed to address all aspects required during this important stage of a child’s growth. Through well rounded physical activity, wrapped in a friendly, supportive atmosphere where healthy competition is encouraged, this promises to be the most fun a kid can have in the Hamptons this season. Summer is for play and growth. We are dedicated to sharing with each child in our love for all that life has to offer, regardless if on the playground, court, in the pool, or creating a work of art.




Rising Stars, for 4-7 yr. olds, is an introduction to the both the world of sport, and life that develops the necessary skills inherent to all athletic endeavors as well as the playgrounds of life. Our mission is to allow for each camper to not only build what we refer to as their, “Physical IQ”, but to explore all that is magic about summer. Our aim is to provide the platform for each child to feel success and joy on both the physical and creative arenas. Summer is for play and growth. We are dedicated to sharing, with each child in our care and our love for all that life has to offer, regardless if on the playground, court, in the pool, at the chessboard or creating a work of art. Rising Stars is available in a half or full day format.



Shooting Stars for 8-13 yr. olds. Its philosophy is embedded in a Three-Tier approach to life and wellness that nurtures the Mind, Body & Spirit with a more formal and individualized approach to on-court play. In the morning, campers will participate in an array of sports with an emphasis on tennis. Some of these sports include soccer, yoga, basketball, boxing and many more. Each of these with a focus o teaching. Afternoons will be dedicated to friendly competition and tournaments as well as fun off-site field trips…including kayaking, surfing, beach volley ball and swimming in the pool. And, of course, camper’s creative and strategic sides will be explored with crafts and chess.



5 Star Tennis Camp 2017 for 8-13 yr. olds employs the best teaching methodology utilizing both a traditional and progressive approach. Our mission is to create players that have an “All-Court” game and, like us, share a passion and love for the sport. Players will focus on developing proper mechanics through uniquely designed drills. Players will also receive one-on-one coaching and video analysis of their stroke as well as experience match play and dynamic off-court training. Weekly tournaments are organized with other tennis camps to help foster the importance of “team” and healthy competition.



WORK AND PLAY (Counselor Training)

Our Work and Play Program is designed for teens 13-14 years old. Here we introduce kids to the world of work and all the benefits this experience can offer—A sense of responsibility, working with others in a friendly atmosphere, how to be a role model to and supportive of those younger than them. They will be guided by and learn from John and the counselors. This “Work” is balanced with “Play” which includes all the on and off court activities Summer Camp 2017 has to offer. We believe this program is very beneficial in a young person’s growth.



Beside tennis our campers will participate in the numerous “off-court” activities we have planned as well:

Arts & Crafts
Lego Land
Creative Games
Fun Day Theme
Family Days & Family Picnics
This year we’re very excited to introduce Lacrosse @Hampton Racquet